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Robert Erskine: The Quiet Revolutionary of Prints

The current exhibition at the Fry Art Gallery Too, Lithographic Fever (to 31st October 2021), features several works published by St George’s Gallery Prints.  This was a small firm owned by Robert Erskine or, to use his rightful title, the Honourable Robert Erskine.  Nor are lithographs the only publications by St George’s Gallery Prints in … Continue reading Robert Erskine: The Quiet Revolutionary of Prints

Ceramics by Charlotte Epton (later Charlotte Bawden)

To mark the Fry Art Gallery’s acquisition of a jug by Charlotte Epton, we are publishing a blog post from Helen Brown. Helen is an independent curator and expert on British studio pottery who has been researching Charlotte Epton’s work as a potter. I was thrilled to hear that the Fry had acquired a jug … Continue reading Ceramics by Charlotte Epton (later Charlotte Bawden)

Walter Hoyle: a versatile artist

The Fry Art Gallery’s retrospective of work by Walter Hoyle, Walter Hoyle: a versatile artist has been extended into the autumn of 2020 [the exhibition closed in November 2020 due to national COVID-19 restrictions].  The show is a rare chance to appreciate the full achievement of an artist who was central to the Great Bardfield … Continue reading Walter Hoyle: a versatile artist

Mr and Mrs Ravilious

The story of the artist who sacrifices her own career to support a more famous husband is clichéd, but all too often accurate. There’s something in the clear-eyed take on domestic life in Tirzah Garwood’s early prints, however, that suggests her marriage to Eric Ravilious would offer something richer and more complicated. The Fry Art … Continue reading Mr and Mrs Ravilious

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